Collective Worship

We use a set of shared values to deliver our collective worship sessions based on the Church of England’s ‘Values for Life’. We are a Church of England school however we expose the children to all religions, cultures and beliefs through collective worship.  

Values will always be controversial; even if we share the same values we may well end up applying them in different ways in different concrete situations because we usually have to balance different values against each other. We feel that it is important that in teaching and learning pupils are helped to grapple  with controversial issues and are challenged to find satisfactory ways of living together.  We transmit these values throughout our curriculum: courage, creativity, peace, trust, forgiveness, justice, thankfulness, compassion, friendship, hope, truthfulness, humility, generosity, respect and reverence, wisdom, perseverance, service and responsibility.

Our current theme for collective worship across the school is truthfulness.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from the daily act of collective worship if they wish.